Pendle: Andrew Webb 2, Paul Dowdall 9, Gary Wilson 10, Robin Delves (capt) 12
Fylde: Nathan Baker 3, Ian Theakstone 9 (capt ), Alann Morton 12, Peter Hallett 12

Due to the rain this match was likely to be cancelled or played at Fylde, but the weather held and play began. It was decided to play the singles first as this would give a result if the weather broke. Nathan took on Andrew and soon ran into a good lead , it didn't look as if would go the distance but it did with Nathan winning 13 - 22.

Ian played Paul and although Paul soon went well ahead Ian kept up .and in the end came out the winner on time 19 - 22. Alan against Gary was a well fought game but Gary showed good form eventually beating Alan 26 - 21. Peter against Robin was tight game all through with Peter coming out on top by a single point on time 22 - 23.So at break Fylde were up 3- 1. In the afternoon session Ian and Peter played Andrew and Robin Ian soon went off to stop at 4 back and then it was touch and go game with the Fylde pair winning 26 - 13. Nathan Played Gary and although Gary had the bisques Nathan took control and won 17 - 26. Alan took on Paul and went down to a 26 14 defeat.

So our first game of the season was a success

Posted by Ian 7th April 2018