Fylde: Peter Wilson 1/2 Ian Theakstone (C) 9 Philip Bass 18 Catherine Bass 20.
Pendle: Robert Essler 1 Andrew Webb 4 Paul Dowdall 7 Catherine Parnell 8.

Well a lovely day for the 1st match of the season lawns looking good. Ian and Philip paired up for the doubles game against Robert and Catherine with 5 bisques to play with, Fylde soon had a clip on peg. and keeping Pendle split up the game went the distance and Fylde finished in front 21 - 10. Peter and Paul Played an epic battle with Paul coming out on top by just 1 hoop 24 - 25. Catherine took on Andrew and again the game went to time with Andrew winning 14 - 16. After sandwiches for lunch Peter played against Robert with Robert winning by just the 1 point again 22 - 23. Ian was up against Andrew and by using his bisques beat his opponant pegging out 26 - 12. Philip had an excellent game with Paul going all the way to win 21- 11. The two Catherines then played and again full time game With Pendles Catherine winning 18 - 10.

Posted by Ian, 6th April 2019