Correction to newspaper reports regarding the future of our club

South Shore Lawn Tennis Club (SSLTC) in Blackpool provides the space for our lawns. Many of you have been over here a few times, so you’re probably aware!

A private investor, in liaison with SSLTC, has applied for permission to build indoor padel courts on land currently occupied by two full (four short) lawns. 

Unfortunately, the local paper, 'The Gazette', has published a web article which wrongly implies that this means Croquet will be no more at SSLTC. People in NW Fed have been asking what’s happening.

– It is expected that nothing will change for 2024 season. So, League fixtures etc continue.

– From 2025 we will be relocated to other grassy areas. SSLTC are offering to help with ground preparation of new areas.

– there is ongoing discussion about accommodating our equipment and other facilities.

Planning details can be found here.

The Commitee FCC 18th January 2024

Curry Sunday

We were twenty people at the Red Fort Lytham. Many others unable to attend were away in warmer climates. Thank you to our Social Secretary!

14th January 2024

Business as usual

To clear her head after her party last night, FCC's rovin reporda, Lorna Ndawarder, has taken a bracing walk around the courts this morning. She texted: 'Happy New Year from me and the team. I was super worried after the major winds, thunder and storms, there would be flooding or damage. But I am delighted to say all lawns were only a little soggy and all structures in fine fettle.'

1st January 2024

annual dinner

The St Annes Masonic hall decked us out in Royal Blue and looked after us in the beautiful room with great food and wonderful service.

Founding Father Geoffrey made trophy presentations galore and too many to mention, you need to visit our honours page for all the details. Your eyes do not decieve you, that is the Longman Cup back in our hands! Drop in on our trophy cabinet (or scroll down here) to read all about our winning efforts this year.

Thanks to all those providing raffle prizes and for Jan, Allison and The Boss for working towards this wonderful evening. Alan, Betty and Ian gave us some music and allowed everyone to join in with the comb and paper.

25th November 2023

The 2023 News Is Archived Here

1st January 2024