Annual Dinner

This years annual dinner is to be held again at Dahlias Kitchen, The Garden Place, Cropper Road, Blackpool FY4 5LB on Saturday 11th November , £20 per person, (7pm for 7.30).

We will be holding a raffle again this year so would appreciated if you could donate a raffle prize (not compulsory). We are hoping that this years event will be another fabulous evening and looking forward to seeing you all in November

11th November 2017

Shovels lunch

1pm ( to be confirmed) for a get together at this popular pub.

9th December 2017



Raising £40 and providing the participants with some Christmas cards, this was a great event. The sounds of laughter and enjoyment filled Glengarry.

Thanks to all who attended and Jan & Cyd for bringing the glitter and everything else!.

4th October 2017

Salters Wharf Carvery

A big turn out for the meal and the preceeding putting or pitch and put. The greens and course at St Annes are very well maintained right now.

10th July 2017

Art and Social Afternoon

Ten took part this year themed playing with Water Colours, run by Betty.

East Beach was bathed in Wintery Sunshine for the first task of looking through the window.

Sunday 5th February 2017

Fun day

On 15th January at East Beach.

Holidays and illness prevented some from attending but an amazing jacobs join materialised from the fifteen that came on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Betty won the six round challenge: Spot the Choc, Aches and Pains, Masked Celebs, Album Covers, Bouncy Balls and Float the Boat.

To play those we split into teams, but came together to eat lunch. That was followed by a very entertaining reverse raffle. Everyone was given 5 tickets and the first six tickets won the pick of six prizes. But the ticket picking continued to the last ticket from the hat. If you number came out you could steal any prize from someoneone. It was great fun.

Annual dinner

We revisited Dahlias Kitchen as everyone enjoyed it last year and they looked after us very well again. They accommodated our table plans and seat swapping easily. New members were introduced and visitors from other clubs thanked for their support.

Tournament winners were presented with their prizes and a special moment at the end was for Philip and his CA Diploma.

Jan and Cyd arranged the evening and their hard work sold thirty nine tickets. The club is indebted to everyone bringing a raffle prize which raised over a months mowing costs.

The Golf team made the difference to the Festival results.

Saturday November 12th

Fun day

Twenty five attended at East Beach for the fun day organised by Cyd and Jan and this raised club funds ready for the new year ahead. The Gods looked favourably on our guest Stewart and guided him to a fine victory picking his way through Picture Quiz, Spot the Lyrics, Malteezer Shuffle and in the Origami Frog Long Jump his was the winning jump by a very long way. The trophy was presented by the Chairman.

Sunday 17th January 2016


Flood warnings, blowing a gale but everyone made it.

Saturday 28th November 2014

Annual Dinner 2015

Dahlias, situated within 'The Garden Place' garden centre on Cropper Road was an inspired venue for us. The staff looked after us and our seat swapping without batting an eyelid. And we were given a great selection of food to choose from. That turned out to be delicious. A word from our Chairman, prize giving and a very well supported raffle followed the meal.

All the winners

Table D won the table top treasure hunt, finding everything required: A small white pebble : A packet with the letter “ART” on it : A blade of grass : A picture of a strawberry – not on a phone! : A Booths Loyalty Card : A picture of a humming bird : A relief picture of Isambard Kingdom Brunel : A pair of scissors or tweezers : Some acetylsalycilic acid

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Saturday 7th November

drums and croquet

A brilliant social event! Worldwise Samba Drummers proved to be quick learners around the courts.

We had a four round GC tournament followed by a recital of some of their music. This also entertained the Tennis players who were out in force too. Then FCC took over the drumming and we were good too, but not as good.

Pie and peas followed while we watched the final. This was something different, organised by Betty who plays in both camps.

22nd July 2015

Summer Barbeque

Ian allowed us the use of his garden, BYOB and As in previous years you needed to bring your own stuff to cook on the barbi, your drinks, and something for the Jacobs join and also a donation to club funds.

Friday 19th June

Pre Season Get together Meal

A change of venue for us this time, we went to San Marcos, which is on Lytham Road, Blackpool FY4 at the junction with Highfield Road. They loked after us very well and we raised a gentle 60.00 in the process.

Tuesday 23rd March


Jayne won the event with for wins out of five. Philip and Christine were second.

Games this year: match the Olympic venue to the event, Christmas song lyrics, picture round, spot the logo and the spaghetti marshmallow tower contest.

Over one hundred pounds raised for the club.

18th January 2015

Annual Dinner 2014

We returned to Green Drive Golf Club.

The food was excellent and plentiful. New Social Secretaries Jan and Cyd made a great job of it (ensuring they will be well supported when it comes to election time at the AGM) and everyone had a wonderful time. Over 70 pounds was made for club funds despite fewer attendees this year. The usual seat swapping ensured everyone had the opportunity for plenty of socialising. Picture shows (from the left) Internal competition winners Terry (Cyd accepted in his absence) Jan, Lee (accepting an external tournament trophy) Sue and Nathan (who won a handful!)

Posted by Liz, 8th November 2014


What do you get when you mix a dozen club members & friends, lots of glitter, card & some glue? A mess? Wrong! Thanks to the expert leadership & patience of our Crafty Social Secretaries, Jan & Cyd we all produced some lovely Xmas cards & had a go at some other "crafty" ideas. Didn't realise you could turn an old paperback into a hedgehog did you - well now we can show you how it's done! Scones & cake were consumed & a great time was had by all ( though perhaps not by Liz who is no doubt still hoovering up the glitter from the new carpet! ). Thanks again for a fun afternoon Jan & Cyd - we look forward to a repeat some time. Fifty pounds made for club funds.

Posted by Denise, October 2014


At West Beach for the last time. The usual cook it yourself BYOBBQ in unusually good weather. Flames on at 6pm and nineteen arrived each with a 5.00 donation which covered the mowing for June.

13th June 2014

Shovels Seat Swapper

Once again the Shovels looked after our three course party of twenty four with ease. £115 was raised for the club funds.

27th March 2014


This year our overall winner was Catherine Bass with 5 stripes. We raised £145 along with the social membership to SSLTC for those attending creating seven teams which swapped members. The usual Jacob's Join meal worked very well. Games included Eurovision Song Contest, Missing Consonants, what's my crisp and the ever popular bagatelle game.

The Origami Gliders were easy to fold but not so easy to land within the marked area.

19th January 2014

Curry OK

Seventeen attended the Sunday Curry Banquet at the Red Fort in Lytham for a three course seat swapper get together. The restaurant looked after us very well.

15th December 2013

Annual Dinner 2013

We returned to Green Drive Golf Club who looked after us so well last year. Forty six attended and a raffle raised 90.00 for club funds.

2nd November 2013

Shovels Seat Swapper

Well that was good wasn't it?. A stonking 29 for dinner at the Shovels and didn't they do well! We were all served at once, with a smile and considering we were all moving seats they did a great job. A very big thank you to all the staff. Club funds were raised by the application of a small surcharge. Liz's mallet turned up at the local cop shop. Hooray! A very positive feel to the evening where everyone seemed to be enjoying the event and well attended by established and new members alike.

11th September 2013

Annual BBQ

Fine weather for a change, the BBQ went ahead a scheduled. With the summerhouse demolished the unoccupied downstairs flat provided the kitchen facilities. Several new members attended but many others who had other engagements were missed.

12th July 2013

Afternoon Acrylic Art

A full house for Betty's art class and afternoon tea raised over one hundred pounds in donations. A random selection of the works are showing below. Your humble author is reminded of certain works of Mondrian in 1920 from Belgium's beaches and Mark Rothko's abstractions in 1953. A pear and a Hedgehog were the other subjects complemented with donated fruit cake, scones, cream and buttered toast.

2nd April 2013

Shovels Seat Swapper

Seventeen took part celebrating the lawn opening and the start of the new season, raising 70.00 for club funds. The staff coped with us very well as we swapped seats as usual.

27th March 2013

Fun Day 27th January

Very well attended games included Number Association, Where is My County, Cheesy Puns, Origami Block Buster and back by popular demand, Croquet Bagatelle. The overall winner was Bill Winter with Lee & Betty runners up. The Jacob's Join meal had a great selection and went down very well. The bulk of our SSLTC Membership was collected and paid, donations from the membership were gratefully received.

Bill calmy sups up while the his team's tower is found to be the tallest in the Oragami game.

27th January 2013

Annual Dinner 2012

Green Drive Golf Club looked after the thirty nine of us very well and we had a wonderful meal. A celebration of this year's glorious summer preceded events.

Posted by Mart, 29th November 2012/p>

The Shovels

Our usual seat swapping dinner event was very sucessful. They looked after us very well as usual and 100.00 was raised on the night for the club.

Posted by Mart, 19th September 2012

Annual BBQ

Having been postponed from mid summer we found a beautiful evening to get together. Funds were raised. A rustic Lifestyle Clay Chiminea was unveiled. It is the perfect way to keep warm as the Sun sets, as well as providing a warm ambient light. Constructed using a mixture of refined clays that have been hand-rolled and moulded to create its unique style.

Posted 7th September 2012

Olympic torch party

We had about fourteen guests on the balcony for continental breakfast avec bacon butties making a lot of noise and money for FCC. So much so that the BBC zoomed in on us in their TorchCam coverage.

Welcome to Fylde Croquet

0701:Stelios Shengas hands over to Choi Jung-Ho, who provides cultural training and career mentoring advice to children in his local multicultural school. He has also donated new IT devices to assist with their interactive learning. He feels it particularly important to offer career advice and knowledge of the corporate culture in Korea in order for these children from different nationalities to be able to understand and achieve in the work place. He gives us a wave, we get photographed! and then he hands over by the Clifton Arms Hotel.

Posted by Liz, Saturday 23rd June 2012

Shovels Fund Raiser

The Shovels did us proud and we had a great time. We also raised some funds.

Posted by Liz, 28th March 2012

Winter Warmer Fun Day

Alison Vernazza triumphed today with 4/5 in the games. On offer was Spell-a-postcode, a musical round of identifying musical instuments, an American States Quiz, Olympic event logo spotting and Origami. In the final round several fine Tulips were crafted and the mantle piece looked quite spendid.

22nd January 2012

The Annual Dinner

Many guests from other clubs swelled the numbers to over forty at Green Drive Golf Club. Everyone agreed the venue was very good and the food and service was enjoyable. A video presentation gathering together as many photographs from the past and present was well received.

28th October 2011

Jubilee Celebration

The sun blazed down on our Jubilee Celebrations.

30th July 2011

Midsummer BBQ

A great turnout with the CAI Mcweeny team in town, but with the usual threat of rain. However it was warm and kept dry enabling £120 to be raised for the club.

15th July 2011

Karaoke Night and BBQ

The BBQ and Karaoke went with real swing as the evening started off with home made Siesta Sunrise Sangria. There were a number of reluctant performers at the beginning of the night, but as the evening progressed more participants came to the fore culminating with the whole Fylde ensemble belting out Bohemian Rhapsody with gusto, with harmonies from Kath and Alan and air guitar solo from Betty.

There were many highlights of the evening including: An outstanding piece of theatre from Chris and Leonard with their interpretation of Delilah. Catherine had the crowd enthralled with her acapella versions of The Boxer and Vincent. Ian wowed the audience with his Rooster Song singing solo with his guitar. He later had the group singing along to his guitar to some Ceilidh classics. Catherine and Betty entertained with their tribute to Abba of Mama Mia. But who could forget Philip and Catherine owning the stage with their Right Said Fred number I am too sexy for my Shirt complete with actions. Oh and the bbq food was not bad either!

The last members reluctantly left at midnight. Members raved at its success and enjoyed it so much that money was given to the kitty as they were leaving, because they enjoyed it so much!

A big thank you to Betty and Ian for the catering, Ian for the use of his house and big thank you to everyone who attended . We raised a whopping £121. The only question now is when is the next one?

20th May 2011

New facilities celebration

Nineteen members enjoyed a meal in good company and convivial surroundings at The Shovels, Common Edge Road. With additional donations the event generated £105 for Club funds.

30th March 2011


A successful afternoon's art class run by Betty developed the themes of still life Impressionism using Pastels and raised £40 for the club funds.

20th March 2011

Winter Fun Afternoon

The Jacobs Join food was very good this year. Nineteen members participated in six rounds of games raising £95 for the club. Games included whosdat, raising a ball with stationery, where's my bridge and cryptic menu plus the new tower of trays game. Finding himself on the winning team in every round, Lee won a second helping of trifle.

16th January 2011

The Annual Dinner

The Annual Dinner was held once again at the Bedford Hotel where the staff looked after us very well.

The internal trophies were presented (In the main to Ian!) along with those trophies won by our members in outside tournaments, of which there were several. The raffle raised £75 for the club.

2nd December 2010

Shovels fundraiser

Eighteen members painlessly supported club funds by attending the 2-4-£8 fundraiser at The Shovels. There was much talk about the new pavilion and refurbishments together with a couple of handsome donations.

26th October 2010

Midsummer BBQ

High winds the night before brought tree damage to the venue and on the morning of the event the rain fell hard. However gradually as burning time approached the skies cleared and we were blessed with dry and sunny weather for most of the evening until the Sun went behind the trees and the clouds began to form.

Everyone enjoyed themselves cooking their own food and drinking their own drinks, some even sitting on their own chair. The event raised £110 for the club.

16th July 2010

Spring Pub Night

The Admiral St Annes was the new venue for this fund raising get together.

The food was good and the staff smiled through it all helpfully catering for our quirky demands of moving tables between courses. The event painlessly extracted £90 from the membership who paid full price for their meals while the club took advantage of the venue's discount offers.

30th March 2010


The afternoon of fun included 'Famous Last Words' and 'Real Names' along with the ever popular 'Bagatelle'. New this year was 'Floating Eggs' where teams needed to build a boat out of a sheet of paper. These vessels we then left in water while we ate a Jacobs Join meal. Eventually only one boat remained afloat.

17th January 2010

Annual Dinner

Friends from Culcheth CC and Southport and Birkdale CC joined us at the Bedford Hotel for our annual dinner. The hotel staff looked after our needs perfectly and gave us delicious food and drink in the ballroom. Fylde's Chairman address us with an entertaining speech reflecting on the many successes of the club and members during the year.

After presenting club tournament trophies to the winners, the Chairman received the Haka from the 'All Blanks' who challenged him to collect The New Zealand Tray on behalf of the Club.

3rd December 2009


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